Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Heart Jill Scott

One of my favorite singers, Jill Scott, was on the cover of Ebony Magazine a few months ago, so you know I had to buy that issue.  When I opened it up I loved the way she was styled and the color combinations she had on.  This particular photo grabbed by attention, I said to myself I can re-create that look by putting my special crochet and sew forth spin on it.

The credits said the jacket she has on is leather, but I am going to crochet my version.  The crochet pattern for the Puff Sleeve Jacket I made a few months ago and posted on this blog would work perfect if worked up in all black.  Joann's had a yellow denim fabric that had caught my eye sometime ago, but I had thought to myself what can I do with yellow fabric, so I left it in the store and when I decided to make this I bee lined it back to pick up two yards.  I then went on the hunt for an easy pattern, something that my beginner sewing skills could accomplish and found the almost perfect one it was Butterick 5601.

I am going to alter the pattern a little bit by not including the over the shoulder portion, but it will do just fine.  This will be my first dress I will see to completion, there have been two other false starts, what can I say I'm still new to sewing.  I really want to wear this dress for my wedding anniversary at the end of the month, so I am excited.  I have already started working on the dress and I can't wait to finish and post the pics for all to see.

Crafting Makes Me Happy!

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