Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trendy Top Overlay

Two post back I proclaimed I was in a creative rut, that rut was followed by a stressful experience on the farm (farm = cube farm = cubicles = job).  To relieve some stress I picked up my hook and yarn, I perused the Internet for quick inspiration and I got to work.  When I finished I was stress free, well almost and I had a new garment to share with you.  More pictures after the break

Crochet Pattern from The Double Stitch Twins for

Crafting Makes Me Happy!


  1. Beautiful! This can prove quite a versatile piece and a great addition to wardrobe. Whether you wear it with strap-tanks or sweatshirts underneath! Love it! Great color you chose btw!

  2. Thanks, I really like that color "berry". Your work has beautiful colors.

  3. Just wondering. Did you follow the pattern exact?

    1. No, I made it longer and I believe there was some shaping that I did not do, I just made a square.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I would love to make something like this

  5. Can u send this pattern to mecca77 @ gmail. Com


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