Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simple Tank Top and Crochet Sash Belt

I gave the tank top I made a month ago, the one where I was supposed to add a crochet trim to the neckline, the one I gave up on and filed it away as a craft fail, the one that left me un-inspired.  Well it has been given new life with a sassy little crochet sash belt.

The tank is made out of gauze fabric, very thin and airy perfect for summer.  It was not that great to work with though.  When I had to correct any mistakes by ripping out the stitches(that darn crochet trim!) the thin fabric did not hold up well, but I loved the bright color of the pink, one of my favorite colors.  The tank was made from a Butterick Pattern.

I'm giving a little hip action so you an appreciate the long fringe, hippie chic is what I like to call it, pun not intended, LOL. The sash belt is made out of Stitch Nation Alpaca Love in the colors of Fern (green), Lake (blue) and Lotus (pink).  The pattern was free at redheart.com, designed by my favs, The Doublestitch Twins. 

The sash belt is made up of really soft colors that balance and compliment the bright color of the tank.  The day I took these pics, it was my mom and auntie's birthday, they're twins, my aunt recognized the yarn because I had used it in previous project, that made me smile.  My family is really supportive of my craft.  Some people don't get it though, just today I was on my lunch break and I was working on my version of the Jill Scott jacket (see previous post) and a coworker walked up to me and said "you are too young to crochet, that is for old people".  I politely showed her what I was making and she thought is was... cute.  She then looked at the pattern and said "what does this even say", I tried to explain the different stitches, then she asked me about the numbers in the pattern and I told her it was how many times you had to do a particular stitch, then she walked away, no goodbye, nothing, LOL.  So when I finish that project, I am going to make sure she sees it, so she can eat her words, cause it's going to be Awwwwsome!

Crafting Makes Me Happy!

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