Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pink Saturday

The Sew Weekly Challenge was to sew something pink. Soooo, I had this pink knit fabric in my stash for sometime now and I knew I wanted to make this shirt with it, but I never got around to it. It was perfect for the challenge.  I finished this top moments before going out for a girls night.  It was perfect for the occasion.

Every time I lower my pressor foot I want to make a dress or a skirt, it's just my natural instinct.  I never seem to have enough of either and I wear more dresses and skirts than anybody I know personally.  I went back and forth with what to make -I have a gorgeous pink satin that is begging me to make it into a dress, lol.  However, while reading a post at Coletterie that discussed weather or not you made the type of garments that you really needed in your wardrobe.  So that told me I needed to make this shirt, because I need more casual clothes.

That's my interpretation of looking sassy.

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