Sunday, March 11, 2012

Japanese Girls Day (Out)

Last Sunday I took two of the older girls in my family to Hinamatsuri or Japanese Girls Day, as it was called, at the DIA. We saw demonstrations of a Tea Ceremony, flower arranging, called Ikebaba and heard a short recital of music played on the Koto, which is similar to a harp.  Seeing the beautiful Kimonos the women wore inspired me to make one so look out for that project coming soon.  We learned alot that day. For instance, in a Japanese home a visitor to the home is seated in front of the most prized display as if to become one with the display, as opposed to the American way of arranging seating around the display in order to look at it.  Interesting.  I didnt even know we did that, but I guess we do when I think about it.  We all have a focal point in everyroom. In my living room it is the picture window, in some homes its the television, fireplace, etc.  For more of the cultural details on Japanese Girls Day click -------------> Hina Matsuri

I want to thank my friend T. Turner for rekindling my love for museam going.

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