Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In the Clutch


 This is one of the September/October 2011 crochet projects that I had planned and it's only March 2012, LOL.  Actually it has been completed for sometime, I just had other interest that drew me away from posting it.  The crochet clutch is made of Red Heart Boutique Changes, it changes texture six different times, its like six yarns in one.  I chose the pattern from Crochet Today magazine because I missed out on the Missoni for Target campaign, so I used that as inspiration for the clutch.

 I love pencil skirts they show all the right curves and hide all the wrong ones, ha.  It is made out of black stretch denim.  The skirt is a Simplicity pattern but I don't remember the number.

This long forgotten project came thru in the clutch because I had not posted since February.  See what I did right there, "In the clutch", because I made a clutch! LOL.

Too Corny?
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