Saturday, June 11, 2011

Puff Sleeve Jacket and Denim Pencil Skirt

I wore so much gray and black this past winter that I decided to go to a place I had never gone before.  I wanted to be live and in living COLOR.  Until I made the conscious decision to wear color (even if I was afraid), I had not realized how many non-colors I wore or just the basic color family that I stayed in.  It was mostly black, white, blue, gray and brown.  In the spring/summer I would get a little brighter, but not too much.  Pink is my fav color so I don't know how this happened to me. 

The crochet jacket was designed by The Double Stitch Twins (my favs) for Red Heart Yarn.  I used Red Heart Soft yarn for the purple sections, the mass retailer near me did not have the other colors I needed so I made a substitution with Caron Soft Yarn in the closest color match. 

The skirt is Simplicity Pattern 2343, which I made in a light weight denim.  I was so nervous making this skirt that it probably took me twice as long to make it as it should have.  It was going to be my first sewing project that I was going to wear outside of the house and to work no less.  Let's not forget that I was pairing it with a sweater that I handmade, geesh.

I'm very proud of that zipper, I did it by hand.  I trimmed the lapped section at the waistband a little too much, so the zipper pull is exposed, but I don't mind as it was going to be covered.  The pattern called for a hook and eye, I tried, but was too impatient for that, so I left it out, again not going to be seen, LOL.


  1. I do love the color combo!!! It's fab!

  2. Hi! I actually just made this same jacket. I found all the Red Heart Soft yarn at Michael's. I accidentally reversed the Teal and Grape yarn when I purchased, so ended up getting 2 Teal and only 1 Grape. You did a great job. I have been crocheting for many years, but this was my first experience with a garment. You can see mine at

  3. Work it, girl! I love the color combo and the whole outfit is very cute! Continue to be bold... you'll find that it gets easier. :)


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