Friday, June 10, 2011

Do I really Want to Do This? (How This All Started)

When I first started to crochet I read blogs like "The Crochet Dude" and "Monster Crochet.  There were others but those two were my favorites.  When I started to tip toe into sewing I searched for sewing blogs and was not too thrilled with what I found, until I came across BurdaStyle website and OMG, I was an addict almost immediately, been on there since January 2011.  Everyone has a blog on there and there are some pretty awesome ones like "oonaballoona" (Loves) and "Prudent Baby" (Awesome).  Oona site lead me to more awesomeness, but to follow all of the blogs and to keep up I had to create a Blogger account.  I resisted at first, but I had to know what everyone was doing, I needed a daily hit and I did not want to miss out on any of my favs, go here I am.

Once you sign in the ability to post is right there, so I asked myself, What the Hey, Why Not?, and myself answered back (LOL), Can you keep up with posting?  Will you have interesting subject matter?  Will anyone even follow you? I answered, everyone has one and the only way to get the answers is to try.  So here we go.  Someone please wish me luck!

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