Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mama Got A New Pair of Shoes

I purchased these shoes as a birthday gift for myself in February and I have not worn them yet.  One reason being that I have not found the right outfit or occasion to wear them.  They scream rock star so the dress has to be equally as bad-ass.  I'm thinking midnight black stretch denim...

and Simplicity Pattern 2406 (View C, upper left hand corner)  I think the slit in the back of the bodice will give it that sexy-ness the shoes call for. 

What other patterns and/or fabrics are rock star sexy?  I need more ideas.


  1. Those are some hot shoes! I'm not a fabric gal, but I'd bet they'd look great with anything!

  2. Thanks. I have worn them since this post (store bought dress) and I felt so rock star in them.


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