Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catching Up


My mom requested new dishcloths, so I whipped her up a pair.  It felt good to get my hooks going again.  I tend to crochet more in the Fall and Winter than I do in the Spring and Summer.  Fall is right around the corner so expect a lot more crochet projects.

The Sew Weekly Challenge Theme was to use the color yellow.  I had this knit fabric in my stash, it was my first and only Internet fabric purchase.  I was afraid to work with it because it is so bouncy and slinky, I did not think I had the skill to manipulate it.  It turned out pretty good.  I followed the directions from Sewing In A Straight Line by Brett Bara.
A few weeks ago I participated in another tour.  This time to benefit Alzheimer's with the Mind Over Matter cycling event.  That was some good bike riding... peaceful, beautiful scenery and people having a good time.  I saw a classic car show while I was there, that was a bonus and of course I got my tshirt.  I rode 11 miles that day.
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  1. I always enjoy looking what other people's hands were busy with. Your dishcloths are superb (you mother must love them!) and that lovely piece suits you fabulously!

    1. Hello friend. Yes, my mom loves them. Thanks for the compliments.


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