Thursday, January 5, 2012

Camera! Lights! Action!

Hey friends and family! This is my new camera! Many of you I have already snapped a pic of and showed you how awesome it is, in my mind at least, LOL.  Get used to seeing it, a lot, because I have appointed myself the family photographer.  I will be there to capture those special moments; the celebrations, family gatherings and anything you want me to and sometimes when you don't want me to.  It may annoy you or you may be happy its there. Sometimes you won't care as long as I am not taking a picture of you, but I guarantee as time passes and we look back on all the photos, the memories and the moments long forgotten, you will be glad it was there. 

I purchased the camera because I wanted to take better pictures of the items I make to put on this blog and it transformed into so much more.  I have always loved to take pictures and I have always had a camera. I was kinda the family photographer before I knew I was. I remember friends and family telling me to bring my camera or asking me if I had it with me, and would be upset if I didn't or did not charge my battery :: yes you did that::- you all created the monster you see in these pictures *insert evil laugh*

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