Monday, October 10, 2011

Warrior in Pink

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month which has come to be symbolized with the color pink.  I wanted to show my support so I picked up my hook and soft pink yarn and began to make a scarf.  I chose the classic crochet motif of the " Granny Square" because I lost my grandmother to lung cancer.  Thinking about her led me to thinking of all the people I knew who had been Cancer Warriors of any type.  The list was longer than I had imagined and the scarf was no longer a symbol to show my support, but a tribute to those friends, family and coworkers who were gone to soon.  I gifted the scarf to a friends mom who is currently fighting cancer and just celebrated a birthday.

Big Grandma                                                          
Grandma Flowers                                        
Grand Mama Cooper
Grandma Rollins
Mrs Thomas

Still Fighting
Mrs Grady

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