Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm in a Creative Rut

Hey friends and family, remember the Traveling Tank (see pic above) I was supposed to be making about a month back, well it is not coming out so well and I am just about ready submit it to  "Craft Fail".

 I have been looking at it laying on my sewing table and I have been uninspired by it.  Yesterday I picked it up with hopes of finishing it this weekend so I can move on to the more exciting projects I have lined up, and it turns out that I read the directions for the crochet trim all wrong and I had to frog it (rip it, rip it-out), ugh!

I am not too thrilled with how the tank top turned out either.  I went with the pink and yellow combination.  I chickened out on the pink and turquoise option, it was too Rainbow Brite for me.  It was my first time using bias tape and I was not sure if I was doing it right, I wasn't.  I did not want to call my mom and ask for help ( I wanted to be a big girl, LOL, and do it myself). This is what the tank top (no trim) looks like...

The neck line is not clean, which I was not too much worried about since I was going to cover it with crochet trim.  The stitching is not clean and it is not a good fit, it is comfortable because it is loose fitting, but still not a good fit.  I am going to put this project down for now, file it as a craft fail until I feel like doing something with it again.  Moving on!

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